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Partner with Chess Father LLC for your after school chess activities, lessons and tournaments. Private and online chess classes. 466 Tulip Ave Floral Park, NY 11001

Partnership With Us

We offer
Chess After School Program
Chess Camp
Individual and online classes
Chess Tournaments

Educational Institutions

Today it is important for parents to find activities for their children to enjoy between the hours when the school day ends and when they return home from work. Chess is increasingly becoming the activity of choice of educational facilities for their after-school chess programs. Chess Father  has been helping many schools introduce chess as an after school activity in many public and private schools nation-wide. Please use the contact form below and call us direct at (718) 219-6822 to inquire how to the CHESS FATHER can add value your school.

Morning Chess Programs

Curriculum Chess K-12 

After-School Chess classes

Chess Tournaments and Events

Chess camp

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